Georgia Hofsteede Dance


Tuition Fees

Term Fees are based on a weekly class for a minimum of  8 weeks. Some terms may be longer, however any extra lessons/weeks are courtesy of the dance school.

Term Fees are payable at the start of the term either by Online Banking, Cash or Cheque. They  include GST of 15%

PreSchool - $110.00 per term

PrePrimary in Dance - $130.00 per term

Primary in Dance - $150.00 per term

Grade One - $150.00 per term

Grade Two - $270.00 per term

Grade Three - $270.00 per term

Grade Four - $270.00 per term

Grade Five - $270.00 per term

Discovering Repertoire - $270.00 per term

Intermediate Foundation - $125.00 per term(In addition to two G5 or DR classes per week)

Private Lesson - $25.00 per half hour

Single Lesson - $20.00 per class

Term Fees are not refunded if a student leaves during the term